Thursday, 9 May 2013

HelpMyChainCameOff! has COME OFF

Ah my dear, dear, dear bicycle friends. HelpMyChainCameOff! has COME OFF and when I say come off I mean OFFLINE!

Yep, I'm officially signing off from this blog and would like to wish all you readers and supporters a bicycle GOODBYE. I'm not giving up my two-wheeled adventures and will continue commuting and leisure cycling forever. I'm just stepping down from the stage of bicycle blogging in pursuit of other hobbies I want to get started.

It's been a swell couple of years and all good things have to come to an end right? I see this like Fawlty Towers and The Office, I'm bailing out whilst it's still good because I'm cool.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and read all my posts and supported my work - The bicycle community are a vocal, inclusive bunch and we make the best team.

So, with the wonderful weather on the weekend, I went out on my bike to celebrate the last post of HelpMyChainCameOff! and took some pictures of my adventure to Richmond Park which I want to share with you for the last time.

Cruising through Hyde Park dodging the tourists on their Boris Bikes.

Winging it through Chelsea, darling.

Passing by the rowing clubs in Putney.

Waiting for the level crossing to cross the railway line.

 It's the attack of the MAMILs! They swarmed to Richmond Park in flocks.

Arrived at Richmond Park and observing MAMIL behaviour. Favourite quote I overheard was 'My glucose levels are down, I'M HUNGRY!' Ah vintage MAMIL saying.

Sitting back and basking in the sunshine.

And then it was time to go...
Over and out.x