Saturday, 2 March 2013

Holy Sunday cycling

Apart from commuting like crazy on my two wheels, I haven't had much time to bike ride purely for pleasure. I can now say HALLELUJAH because in the same week we said goodbye to the Pope Benedict XVI, I found myself free as a frog on Sunday, so I hopped on my bike to see what was and wasn't going down in the great London pond. And I thought you guys would want to know because why else do you check in here?

Off I shimmied to the wonders of Soho hoping I would catch the Pope celebrating his retirement outside G-A-Y with a Jagerbomb and a dayglo stick in hand. That was not to be.

But hey, Chinatown was HAPPENING instead!

 And when I say 'happening', I mean HelpMyChainCameOff! has turned into a Chinese lucky cat. Happy as Larry.

But uh oh....My ride to Soho and China town wasn't all lucky....
My favourite bike crossing button has been vandalised in the worst act of football hooliganism we have seen since the 80's.

Surely there are so many more important things to politicise than Arsene Wenger?.....Like will I ever wear high-vis? Or will Andrew Mitchell (aka Plebgate victim) EVER get back on his basket bike again?


WHO KNOWS? But never mind, I was on the look out for a partying Pope...and yes, I do indeed love London.

 Just as much as I love Torrington Place when it's free from on the crazy weekday traffic.

And popping to the Oxford Street Topshop to stand in the refunds queue for half an hour.

 But I am blessed because all is forgiven when there are Japanese noodles to nourish my Sunday bicycle woes.

But where is that Pope Benedict now that he is a free man??

Why he must be catching up on his favourite blog HelpMyChainCameOff! instead...
'Oh, high-vis just sooo isn't Godly'                Source: Catholic Sensibility


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious read with my morning coffee. Brilliant as ever! :-)

Titan yer Tummy said...

Yup. Ya done good gal!!

BTW be cautious of using Getty Images, I understand they can be quite aggressive if they find people using their copyright stuff without permission!!

nicjones32 said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Where were those delicious looking noodles from?

anniebikes said...

Ahh, those noodles look scrumptious.

Dayglo high-vis pope attire would be pretty funny. Thanks for that imagery.

Please, please, green bike review coming up soon? (You're such tease.)

Yalleriron said...

I love your "tongue in cheek" humour. Yours has to be THE wittiest cycle blog ever.

I've become an addict, in that I check it every day for the latest gem, and suffer terribly when I don't find one. Still, they're worth waiting for when they arrive.

Nicole said...

hahaha! Brilliant, made me smile :)

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