Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Longer Bicycle Days

After exclaiming last week how I was at breaking point from cycling in the cold weather, I was delighted to find that the sun has finally put his righteous hat on and has treated us to a taster of Spring! The sunny weather arrived just in the nick of time before I bought an oyster travel card and became angry tube passenger.

And even more important is that it is now light outside when I leave work! The day you cycle home from work in daylight is always a landmark in any bicycle commuter's calendar and signifies the end of flashing disco bike lights and dare I mention it (because I know that everyone is very fond of these) but the end of donning those fluorescent yellow jackets. Can I tempt you to come to terms with letting go and wearing a normal jacket which doesn't look like you're a) working in a building site or b) going to a 90's drum and bass rave? Well? #Just putting it out there.

Putting gaudy bicycle attire aside, I have decided to celebrate the longer days and fair weather because, well you know, I'm british and I love the subject! I'm sharing with you my jubilant ride home in daylight last Friday evening.

I'm free!

Whitecross Street

Passing over Regent's Canal

Upper Street
Broken traffic lights attracted policemen in leather trousers. Not my favourite sight.
Nearly home now
I want to live in this house 

I hope you all enjoy the lighter evenings!


nilling said...

My first daylight commute last night as well, even up north. True it is a landmark ;)

anniebikes said...

The day the time changes (sometime in early March) I start my one hour, one way commute. I can't wait to celebrate the longer days too.

John said...

A commute not using your lights in either direction is as sure a sign spring is on the way as the crocus popping up in the park.

Georgie Ormrod said...

I'm still leaving in the dark, but ten mins later its getting light - lovely & crisp. I go extra early to beat the traffic (70% of my ride is on fast single carriage A-roads) so can leave early - I was cycling home in full glorious sunshine today. Perfect.

Nicole said...

Ohhh that day arrived last week for me! So so happy. In fact, today someone at work on the way in said to me "not on your bike today?" which made me smile cos I was, but minus le high vis and waterproofs!

So nice to arrive at work in what I want to wear :)

The Ranty Highwayman said...

Daylight this morning, but had to scrape the ice off my saddle!

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