Wednesday, 5 December 2012

King of the Road

This year has been like winning the Oscars for me, first I win my work Bake Off competition with my devilishly gooey chocolate brownies and then I win the Levi Commuter #weride competition and land myself a lean, mean bicycle machine! Actually he's really quite the Gentleman bicycle. I just can't help calling these suave two wheels KING OF THE ROAD.

When Levi's contacted me about winning, I had no idea what type bike I was going to get except I knew it was made by the brand Charge. As soon as I heard it was ready I dashed straight to Regent's Street, gawped at those Marmite Christmas lights (what are they about?) and dashed into the Levi's shop. A kind assistant wheeled out of the stock room this beautiful and extra long bicycle before my eyes.

After a little chuckle of delight and surprise, I became the proud owner of the King of the Road!

But wait! How on earth was I going to fit this giant through my flat? I told you a few weeks back all about my manoeuver tactics to store my bike. Now I was going to have to pull out the big guns and rely on my Tetris tesselating skills. My first obstacle was the lift.....will it fit?

Oh yes it does! But only just!

My second obstacle was my narrow front door...
Oh yes it fits! But only just!

And my last obstacle was the balcony, where it proudly takes up the whole space like the chief bicycle it really is.
I have been riding the Charge Steamer everyday ever since.  I am the KING OF THE ROAD!


anniebikes said...

Winning a bike? Wow. It's a cyclist's dream, I would think. T love the rear rack. Very city-ish. I can't wait to hear about your eventual review of how it handles, etc.

Georgie Ormrod said...

Oooh wow I was looking at those Steamers the other night thinking how unique they look. Congratulations. Hope you have many hours of riding joy together :-D

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