Monday, 31 December 2012


Why look at us, another year has passed with more bicycle miles underneath our belts! I do hope you had a swell Christmas break. I spent mine in Berlin, a place where Milka (the god of all Euro snacks) is only €0.79 a bar and where the beer is plentiful and Radfahren its immer willkommen! 
Snaps from Berlin, soviet style
2012 was a pedaltastic year,  I have cycled the most amount of miles I ever have in my life and my thighs are now the widest they have ever been in my life. Oh how my muscles will gleam through a pair of cigarette jeans I plan to buy in January!

Looking to 2013 I aim to get those chunky bike thighs over to Holland because I heard a few little bike people mention that it's rad for cycling? Yes? And I also hope to pump up my tyres at least once a fortnight because in 2012 I got a puncture in my PUNCTURE RESISTANT TYRES! All because I didn't keep them pumped up. So as a result, 2012 will see me learning to love the bicycle pump.

I will also keep blogging to you fellow bicycle scenesters about my trusty bicycle commute to work and all my other two-wheeled gallivanting I do. Oh and talking about bicycle scenesters, I have found the  original BICYCLE HIPSTER. This dude was rocking the bicycle chic look before most of us were even born. Man, are they even headphones around his neck?

And with that, I wish you a HAPPY NEW BICYCLE YEAR! Make sure to keep drinking and keep cycling for a Merry ol' time. This chap knows how to do it.


Paul M said...

Well, the advice to keep 'em pumped up is certainly good advice. It also makes the riding easier as the rolling resistance reduces.

So it is good to see your new stallion has a sprung saddle, cos if you keep your tyres pumped up properly you can have a pretty teeth-jarring ride without one.

My new mare (I found my poor old left leg won't lift over the top tube anymore, and a couple of big baskets on the rear makes the old trick of swinging it round from the back, well, tricky, so I got a step-thru this time) got a puncture on her first outing. Mercifully a patch fixed it, and since I last repaired a puncture it seems some clever clogs has developed a self-adhesive puncture patch, so I wasn't faced with the bother of getting the shop to change the tube. Hub gears are great, but I have never had the courage to disconnect it to get the rear wheel out, and those neat linear wrap-around tubes that Halfords used to sell just don't seem to be on the market any more.

liz said...

Happy new year! My 2013 cycling resolutions are to add another bike to my collection; a nice touring/road bike for cycling holidays and longer rides. As I normally ride a sturdy step-through and have never ridden a bike with a crossbar and drops, this is a little daunting, so I spent a fair bit of time riding round the inside of Decathlon a couple of days ago! I'm looking forward to test-riding a few to find my perfect bike next year!

Kate, Sustrans said...

Happy new year! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I thought I'd drop by to say I love reading your blog. Iv been reading for the last six months and I am starting my own cycle to work challenge beginning tomorrow morning! For Christmas I got a bright yellow Claude Butler Cambridge bicycle and I love him so much. He has been named Sunny Jim and is going to merrily take me to work (almost) everyday from now on. So thank you for the inspiration and for writing such awesome and funny posts .
Luv Laura and Sunny Jim! X

Jemma said...

Hi Laura and Sunny Jim, good luck with your cycle challenge! What at treat getting a yellow bicycle, they always look pretty. Thanks for reading my blog :-)

Anonymous said...

I did it! I cycled to work. But my left pedal fell of half way. Not a good start! Laura x

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