Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Goodbye My Dear Bicycle

Last Sunday was a sad, sad day. It was time to say goodbye to my Raleigh Caprice forever. It's nothing personal, my balcony has just run out of space. It's not her, it's me.

To be honest, she has been having a few long term health issues and has been victim of neglect this past year. As a result she has become malnourished with pretty much no air in her tyres, her skin has turned all rusty and there is something not quite right with her pedals. Call the Social Bicycle Services please!

 I decided that a new home with a new owner will do her some good. So last Sunday I plonked her outside the front of my block with a friendly sign.

When I left 20 minutes later she was gone. I wish her good luck and I hope she gets the make over she deserves. SHE DESERVED BETTER THAN ME. Godspeed my Raleigh Caprice, I will never forget you!x


anniebikes said...

Goodbye sweet Caprice. May she make another lady as happy as she made you.

Floora said...

Goodbye bicycle, hello new look website!

Trevor Woodford said...

A whole new adventure for Caprice...Don't you just wonder who has her now..?
If she had been mine I would constantly want to know what's happened to her...Still maybe you will see her out and about with her new owner some day....


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