Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Autumn Cycling Wish list

Weekend Autumn bicycle trips are the best. I love the chilly, crisp air and the golden leaves fluttering from the trees. I love dodging the conkers and chestnuts on the ground and seeing the imprints of pretty leaves on the road. 

Everyone keeps going on about this Merino wool stuff, which I'm sure is wonderful, but does it look as cool as tartan trousers, a chiffon blouse and the most stylish rucksack in the whole ride world? This is my Autumn cycling wish list. Unfortunately my dentist bill will mean that I might just have to longingly gaze at these items instead of 'cat-cycling' them around town.....Maybe next Autumn hey...

Autumn Cycling


Anonymous said...

Sounds idylic, unfortunately West of Scotland has wet soggy leaves,huge puddles and sheet rain but it's still amazing we just have to dress appropriately. Waterproofs R Us :-)

Emily@pixicycling.com said...

Really cute picks! Very trendy stuff :)

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