Monday, 30 July 2012

Help! My chain came off vs. Evans Cycles: ROUND THREE

LOOK! Look what I found in the post at my work the other day. My oh my, it's the Evans Cycles Lookbook, Summer 2012. I think its time to get the ol' magnifying glass out to investigate whether they have improved on their last catalogue by considering their female customers more.

You may remember that I was disappointed by their last catalogue which was a macho-fest of lycra men and packed full of aggressive, masculine connotations. It desperately ignored the female consumer by under-representing women through a lack of female models and womens products on offer in the catalogue, and not to mention a very unappealing typeface and colour scheme! Click here if you want to read the back story! And click here to  find out about my follow up meeting with the Evans Team.

Right, lets get that magnifying glass out. So, what do we have here? A Front cover with.....hold, two, three, four.....FIVE women on! Great start Evans! This makes the catalogue so much more inviting for the female consumer! It's a well known fact that women like to see other women on the cover of magazines to be able to aspire to 'the look' being portrayed.
Women are on the front cover - Way to go!

And what's this? No masculine, flashy, bold red and black typeface and text background! But instead replaced with a soft, neutral blue with a white typeface. Much more inviting to all demographics. A grand job so far Evans!
Well, well, well, looks like we have a dedicated 4-page spread on Women's clothing. And the background colour of the text boxes is blue, not pink! Way to go Evans!

 Page 31 shows a section on women's bicycles....

And now we are at my favourite addition to the catalogue, the use of the small 'W' circles, which indicate if a bicycle is suitable for women. This came about after I assumed that most of the bicycles in the previous catalogue were for men because they had cross bars and seats which looked most uncomfortable - of course they must have been for men!  However, after my meeting with the Evans team, I discovered that some of these masculine style bicycles were in fact for women. We discussed the best way to inform customers who would have been unaware of this (like myself) and it was decided that a 'W' symbol would be a suitable indicator.

So, in conclusion from my 'catalogue investigation' I am pleased to see that Evans Cycles have listened to my feedback and taken on board some of the changes. It will never be the case that bicycle companies will succeed in representing all demographics in their marketing material, but at least women are starting to be acknowledged and taken seriously in this very gender- bias industry. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! GIRL POWER.


Georgie Ormrod said...

Yay, I might give it a look now that it'll be a bit more relevant for me :-)
Like the gif picture too.

Rangjan said...

Nice article, thanks. I feel a bit awkward at the final two words though.

BB said...

I think Evans should be given a huge round of applause for responding so well to client feedback. If I lived in the UK I'd feel duty bound to go spend some dosh with them, not because it's a 'girl' thing, but, because that shows wonderful customer care. Well done Evans Cycles.

Jeneveve said...

Good work to you and Evans! I must say though, I've always ridden 'mens' bikes, just because there's more choice and have never found them to be uncomfortable as long as you take the time to set them up properly. Do most women only ride bikes designed specifically for them?

donna42 said...

Really good article Jemma. I did have a look at the mag a few week back and was really impressed with the changes. well done for being part of steering them.

I didnt realise there were so many ladies bikes at evans. they are shown online and in the catalogue but very few are shown in store.

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