Thursday, 28 June 2012

Are more women cycling this summer?

I feel like I’m constantly being told and made aware of the gender gap in cycling in the UK, but it makes me question actually how much of a gender gap is there really on the streets of London? Well, do not fret my friend, for a have done a little research. Apparently 64% of cyclists in the capital are men, yes MEN! (according to data gathered by the London Travel Demand Survey 2012/11 via the Cycling Intelligence Blog)

This statistic doesn't add up to me, because lately I have noticed lots and lots of women cycling through the capital, they are around every corner, in between every car stuck in a jam and cruising down every bus lane. To me, it doesn’t look like there is a gap at all!

This called for one thing only - going undercover for some COVERT SURVEILLANCE in the name of finding out the real facts!

Yes, fellow cyclist, I put on my fluorescent attire and my cycling bib tights to fit in with the neon bicycle gangs I see powering to work every day (just kidding!). Actually, I put on my fake moustache and spectacles to pass off as city gent answering only to the name of INSPECTOR PASHLEY POIROT and went under cover to snap some of the sassy female cyclists who are appearing on the London roads daily.

I now present to you some of my findings. Proof that women are taking to the saddle in full force this summer!

She knows it

And she knows it

Bonus points for woman AND kids
Thankfully, I managed to hold my guise for the duration of my oh-so-reliable investigation. I think you will find that these pictures show significant findings that this summer women are taking to the streets on two-wheels....Surely the gender gap has narrowed somewhat since those statistics came out?



anniebikes said...

I regularly see more men on my suburban commute, but around town it's easily 50/50. We women rock!

Clare said...

I agree, there's loads of gals out there. But anniebikes is right, a bit further out of town it tends to be more men.

Anonymous said...

Yep! I also have to agree. And looking a lot cooler than us men in the process of doing so :-)

Chris said...

I've thought about this a bit myself - I think sometimes women don't get counted in cycling surveys because the surveys only look for commuters. If you use a bike for transportation, but not to work, I think it doesn't count, and that's why women cyclist numbers might be artificially deflated.

Anonymous said...

I live in suburban area of yorkshire, and since I've started cycling my commute to work (albeit for only 3 months) I can honestly say I haven't seen even one other woman in my area doing the same thing... All of my female friends think I am insane for cycling too! :(

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