Thursday, 17 May 2012

Help! A mouse ate my bike helmet!

Leaving my bicycle helmet under my desk for 4 weeks was not a clever idea as it seems our city furry friends got a bit toothy. This is not the act of a cute pet mouse, I'm talking about the hard metropolitan mice who are squatting in my office block. A helmet is 'supposed' to protect you from damaging your brain in a bicycle accident but it sure won't protect you from a hungry mouse! The discovery was made the other day when I wanted to wear my helmet to keep my hair dry from the rain. Those mice had quite the feast on the straps! See evidence below:

Now what am I going to wear to keep my luscious locks dry when it rains?


Carfree40dad said...

This one perhaps?


PS: No connection to the company!

Courtnee said...

That is both unfortunate and gross. Perhaps your office needs to invest in some lockers and a cat.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the mouse wasn't nesting in your helmet and you put it on.

Your Metro Mice may be hard, but compared to their country cousins in Suffolk they are just Nouvelle Cuisine posers. Ours would have finished off the whole helmet, shell and all, and then asked for "seconds".

anniebikes said...

I guess it's a good time to invest in a new helmet. One of my complaints is that most straps aren't replaceable on helmets. It's rather poor for the owner and brilliant for the manufacturer.

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