Monday, 27 February 2012

This bell means business

I am no longer a rebel, my outlaw days are officially over. I have traded my criminal ways for life on the straight and narrow. I finally have a bike bell and I'm telling you this bell means BUSINESS.


Who needs class when there's an 80's pink Falcon in need of some accessories, and my first stop is the burger drive-in. Every time I hop on the saddle I now transcend into a Clueless / Juno / Ghostworld state. There is something special about cycling through the square mile knowing that I have a plastic burger attached to my bicycle. 

Juno- Style inspiration

Clueless- The best of the 90's

Do you have any bicycle quirks?


I Speak Bike said...

I think I stalked your bike?
Although, yours has less baskets tied on with string.
Love this bell.

Jemma said...

Ah! Someone else with my bike bell :-)

It's nice to think there are more burger bells in this city!

anniebikes said...

Nice bell Jemma. I'm working on being quirky. I've been a straight-laced momma biker commuter for way too long. Nothing to share just yet.

Pashley Queen said...

I've got a pink pashley poppy with the pink tartan vi Tate box bag and I've made a patchwork cover for my D-lock out of fabric remnants!

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