Monday, 27 February 2012

This bell means business

I am no longer a rebel, my outlaw days are officially over. I have traded my criminal ways for life on the straight and narrow. I finally have a bike bell and I'm telling you this bell means BUSINESS.


Who needs class when there's an 80's pink Falcon in need of some accessories, and my first stop is the burger drive-in. Every time I hop on the saddle I now transcend into a Clueless / Juno / Ghostworld state. There is something special about cycling through the square mile knowing that I have a plastic burger attached to my bicycle. 

Juno- Style inspiration

Clueless- The best of the 90's

Do you have any bicycle quirks?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

To the bike thief...

I know that it seems like I have pedalled off the face of the earth these last couple of weeks, but fear not my two-wheeled friend, I have merely been frolicking around trying to perfect my cycling on one of these bad boys. Ok, maybe I haven’t, instead I have been enduring the monotony of my all grown up life which involves-  

Cycling to work, 
Cycling home from work,
Eating pancakes, 
Cycling to work, 
Cycling home from work, 
Watching Twin Peaks,
Cycling to work… and the like. 

I still have plenty of commentary about the chic world of all things pedal powered, starting off with this note I stumbled across on the internet:

I have always enjoyed reading passive aggressive notes, however this note bites the biscuit.

And then I found this bike note which demonstrates a bit more compassion:
Some people are just too cheeky! 

These notes are topical because it is the anniversary of my beauty of a bicycle being stolen last year, so lets all ring our bells in memory of my dear basket bike and hope that she is now in the hands of someone who loves her *Bring bring*. And talking of bike bells, watch this space as I have a beast of bell on it's way to me in the post....picture coming soon folks..

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Keep away the cycle chill

London is cold
I think you can agree that chilly days like these call for one thing, KNITWEAR. There is nothing like wrapping yourself up to look like a stuffed goose in a winter jacket. At least I’m safe in the knowledge that if I took a tumble from my bicycle, I am guaranteed to have a comfy landing. I am adamant that the cold weather will NOT beat me! A good motivator has been the B- ICYCLE challenge which has been a success so far. I haven’t succumbed to the muggy, dry tube yet, even on weekends I have been scooting around town in all elements. I hope you have managed to keep your bicycle free from the lure hibernation over the last couple of months too!

This being my first winter commuting on two-wheels, I have now wised up to the importance of wearing ginormous thick layers. I can proudly admit that today I even had a teeny little bit of sweat on my neck...SUCCESS! My attire of choice this week has been my extra, extra, extra thick woolly jumper and my homemade knitted scarf. Married  together I become so fat I can barely fit my coat on over the top. It’s a great combination and I feel like a tasty hot jacket potato on my bicycle rides. Here is the look:

Exhibit A shows the deconstructed  jacket potato look
Exhibit A
Exhibit B demonstrates the jacket potato/I-haven’t-got-a neck-look

Exhibit B
Do you have any unusual preferences for keeping away from the chill on the bicycle? Any tips to avoid chilly toe syndrome?