Thursday, 22 December 2011

Season's greetings for bicycle lovers

Ah, Christmas time is finally upon us, the season of no work and an excuse to gorge yourself on treats! I suspect that my bicycle thighs of muscle (yes they have grown, and no I don't like it!) will turn into bicycle thighs of wobble.  Besides that, I'm going to be getting down and technical by fixing the puncture I got on Tuesday caused by all the glass which seems to be decorating the roads at the moment. I was confident that I had perfected my bike-dodge-glass-manoeuvre but perhaps I need a little more work polishing my technique.  I have been recommended to buy Schwalbe marathon flat proof tyres which I'm going to purchase in the new year, they promise to 'make punctures a memory' - now we're talking! As someone who knows NOTHING about bike maintenance, please feel free to let me know any tips/links etc for changing tyres! I am somewhat clueless about the world of bike maintenance...As clueless as Boris is about #howtomakeacyclingcity

Right, back to Christmas cheer. Have a look at what a received in the post today from a dear friend-

 A package wrapped in bicycle fabric, beautiful! I'm going to turn it into a cushion in the new year.

And if you are a lover of vintage pictures and bicycles then here is a glimpse of retronaut's most recent post, Vintage Christmas Bicycle Ads! These are my favourite:

Season's Greetings to you all, have a lovely Christmas! Don't forget that turkey makes for excellent bicycle fuel!


liz said...

I'm thinking about treating my bike to some cream Schwalbe Delta Cruisers as a late Christmas present - unless my hint-dropping's paid off!

Also, have you seen that Evans do free basic bike maintenance classes? Maybe 2012's the year to learn how to fix my own bike...

Jemma said...

Thanks for the link! There is an Evans just down the road so going to their class will be ideal. I will check it out. I hope you manage to get the tyres as a Christmas present!

commuterjohn said...

Hi, hope you had a good one, glad your going to get the marathons but I would strongly advise you get the bike shop to fit them as they are rather hard, but the good news is it is unlikely you will have to take one back off!

Jo said...

Ohh, the wrapping paper truly looks amazing! <3 I love love love the bicycle print!

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