Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My shiny new winter rain coat

The last week has been a microcosm of British winter weather with wind, rain, freezing coldness and a little bit of snow chucked in. It is quite clear that the weatherman/woman now means BUSINESS, so this meant I needed to up my game fast, super fast. So I purchased a new raincoat to help protect me from the worst of England’s elements (well hopefully!) when I’m cycling to and from that place I love so much, work.
Bought from American Apparel for £98, I’d say it is on the expensive side, but who can turn down a nice parka with a warm lining and made in America! This raincoat caught my eye because it has a nice snug lining in a lovely tartan pattern to keep me warm on the windy days. The length is also appropriate for cycling with the coat just finishing at the knee which means firstly, I can wear a short skirt and have decent coverage, and secondly, my knees won’t get cold and wet. WIN!

It has a secure zip and poppers for extra rain protection and it pops right up high on the neck. Team it with a helmet or a hat and it will keep your barnet nice and dry from an icy downpour.

I know, I am headless here. It was a bad hair day!
So the true test my friend is how it stands up to the cold and rain. Well I know it's not what you want to hear but I have been doing a rain dance everyday to entice the skies to open on my morning cycle commute. When I saw grey clouds the other week I thought the time had finally come and sure enough, the rain never happened. Then came Monday this week. The weatherman on the radio promised rain in the southwest of England, not in the SOUTHEAST. So I left my new coat in the wardrobe and wore my winter cosy, thick wool coat. 5pm rolled up and what was there? RAIN! Rain, rain rain and there I was cycling home with my nice new raincoat at home tucked up warm and dry, and me in the cold chilling rain getting drenched. 

Ah well…..! Never trust BBC weather! I learned my lesson and will be more prepared next time. A cup of tea cured my woes of a soggy winter bike ride.


Elizabeth said...

excellent blog,a railcoat is so important there nothing like getting wet when cycling

Anonymous said...

what size is this?

Jemma said...

It's a medium. I think they still sell it in their shop!

Piers Lyman said...

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