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A salute to the cycle campaigners

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If you are a twitter fiend and a blogoholic, you wouldn't have missed the coverage of the Tour Du Danger ride. It really has been a busy couple of weeks for the cycling activists out there!  And I'd like to say, let's all take our cycling helmet off to the winner of the London Cycling Awards, Danny Williams who won local campaigner of the year for his outstanding blog Cyclists in the City! I regularly read this blog and am completely enthused by the passion and persistance Danny and fellow blogger Mark from I B I K E L O N D O N have. Having such spirited people constantly dedicating their time and energy into standing up for cyclists and voicing the concerns we all have about poor cycling provision in London is wonderful.  Protests like the Tour Du Danger and the Blackfriars Flashride being arranged means us cyclists have a channel to express our dissatisfaction with TFL's attempts of creating a bicycle friendly city.
So, I'd like to dedicate this post to some of the cycle activist bloggers out there and the hard work they do in trying to change the roads for the better. Let's support them, because clubbing together means progress. Here is a handful of some of the blogs I like to read:

Cyclists in the City - As mentioned above, Danny Williams has just won cycle campaigner of the year 2011, he constantly posts about the recent political developments of cycling in London and persistently pressurises TFL to improve provision in dangerous junctions in London.

I B I K E L O N D O N - This blog goes hand in hand with Cyclists in the City for protesting against poor cycle infrastructure in London. Mark was the heart of the Blackfriars protest and has documented the problems of the Bow roundabout and the cycle superhighway. His aim 'is to stimulate discussion about the place of the humble bicycle in the urban realm' - This he does well.

Kennington People on Bikes -  I'm not a south London girl, but this blog really highlights local problems in Kennington, problems which occur pretty much in every borough and town which all cyclists can relate to. Charlie Holland is inspirational in pushing local authorities to make small changes which make a big difference for the ease of cycling in and around Kennington. Of course, he also campaigns for bigger changes in London as a whole such as the Bow roundabout and Blackfriars Bridge.

UK Cycle Rules - Ok, its not an activist blog as such, but it is a rock for the urban cyclist. This blog outlines all the legalities and rules of cycling in England. Excellent reference if you are unsure whether you are in the right or wrong when it comes to your own conduct and the conduct of vehicles on the roads.  I found the post about potholes really useful as I have my eye on a few to mention to Islington council (If you have read my previous post you will know that potholes are my arch rival). Plus the blog has a really nice banner!

The Grumpy Cyclist - Need I explain anymore? The Grumpy Cyclist is exactly what it says on the tin. There is more than a hint of Victor Meldrew in the posts which add a touch of humour to the road troubles portrayed. The video footage which sometimes assist the posts are perfect for brutally exposing the hard times the Grumpy Cyclist experiences due to silly, useless drivers.

At War with the Motorist - Three authors of this blog contribute to posts tackling the problems cyclists experience from in London and across the country. This blog has well-researched and written topics from cycling to school in the West country to evidence-based behavioural policy. Good sunday afternoon reading!

Vole O'Speed- Gorgeous header of a guinea-pig on a Brompton, at closer inspection it is not a real Guinea pig but is a great start to a blog about cycling. Blogger David, writes in detail about the trials and tribulations of cycling in Brent and other Boroughs. David has superb posts explaining every detail of poor cycle provision Brent has to offer.


UK Cycle Rules said...

Hi Jemma

Thanks for your kind words. Really like your writing! Sending a link in your direction...

Dave H said...

Cannot believe that TfL has acted with due sense of urgency on having the one fatal incident and a Police reconstruction uncovering the criminally incompetent design and execution of the cycle lane at Bow in fulfilling their duty as a roads authority set out in s.39 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. - to investigate crashes, and act to promote road safety. Go read

We might also ask that the Traffic Commissioner considers the option of a section 113 call-in for HGV drivers who are involved in repeat crashes.

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