Friday, 11 November 2011

My very short conversation with a car driver

We all know that the cyclist vs. car driver debate is a well trodden path, well I tend to take a walk down this path every now and than with a good colleague at work. He is a driver, I am a cyclist. Even though he thoughtfully checks that my bike is still safely parked outside the office everyday, he still can’t resist a bit of banter about why cyclists don’t belong on the roads. I’m not one to engage in this kind of argument because it is usually futile, but I was bored at work so I thought I would indulge him.
Here was our conversation on Wednesday:
Me: I was sandwiched really close between two cars this morning and whacked a parked car wing mirror. I didn’t damage it but I had no where to go.
Him: Cyclists shouldn’t be on the roads. Roads are made for cars. It’s cyclists like you who will damage my car.
Me: Cyclists reduce traffic congestion. If all cyclists in London got in a car instead of cycling, you’ll be stuck in traffic jams all the time.
Him: Cyclists shouldn’t be on the roads. My neighbour always parks his car really close to mine, it’s really annoying.
Me: If only your neighbour cycled, then you will have plenty of space to park your car
<no comment from him, conversation ended and work recommenced>


@youngdonkey said...

my favourite is 'get on the pavement where you belong' - all you can do is roll your eyes.

Jemma said...

@youngdonkey It's the same conversations everytime!

commuterjohn said...

Well replied, it is a fact your statement but that timing was impeccable!

Anonymous said...

the highway code states that the road is there for all road users be it a car, bike or horse and carriage, most drivers are hilariously dense about things like this

JonD said...

>Roads are made for cars.

Not sure how you make a snappy one-liner out of this lot, but:

milky said...

Well said buddy, you're talking truthfully.

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Fooblah Schtengzan said...

Brilliant! I think it's clever how it can be someone else who gives up a car and not him making the idea acceptable.

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