Wednesday, 30 November 2011

London Rugby Tweed Run 2011

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, let me bring to your attention the London Rugby Tweed Run 2011 which took place on the 26th September 2011. Suitably tweeded up and groomed to go, fellow riders grouped together to start the event in Covent Garden outside the Ralph Lauren shop. To fuel up our tweeded bodies we scoffed plenty of muffins and pasties galore, whilst donning our best I look like this everyday face for the cheery tourists.. 

After a few snaps and plenty of posing, we were ready for a gay old time on our bicycles. We gathered at 
the front of the line for a photo and then chocks away, we were off!

Winding around Covent Garden, everything was tickety boo until a fellow tweeder had a wobble and came gallumphing into my bicycle, oh what a calamity! Thankfully I managed to stay just about upright, however my bicycle took a blow and Gordon Bennett within 4 minutes I was out of the run! But no sooner than you can say 'tally ho' was there a kind english gentlemen kicking my mudguard back into place. I was back on the road! Hurrah.

Feeling parched and a little hungry, we stopped for some good english tea and a natter. Here I chattered with Kathryn from Bikeminded (remember the coffee and cake cruise?), Jools from the lovely Velo-City-Girl blog and Mark from i b i k e l o n d o n (check out his tweed run video!). All three looked suitably dashing and vibrant.

Back on the road, we frolicked around Hyde Park and headed to our final stop, the Caledonian club in Belgravia. Decked with grand pictures and chandeliers, the club was a suitable venue for drinking fine whisky and applauding the winners of the best dressed and best moustache competition.

All in all, it was a spiffing day. Tally ho chaps...!


Lady Vélo said...

Oh Jemma - I had no idea that happened to you and your bike on the ride! Glad that someone came to your aid!

Lovely blog post x

Jemma said...

I know, for a while I thought I was out of the running! Luckily my bike is all back to normal now!!

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