Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Food fuel for cold morning cycle rides

Cycle friends, I don’t know about you but I’m starting to notice that the mornings are feeling rather nippy, especially when I’m going downhill with the fuzzy rain smothering my face. However, I don’t think this is entirely a bad thing, for instance when I arrive at work and peel off my helmet, I am no longer welcomed with a sweaty, hot, matted fringe. If you want pictures then click here.

Yes, the cooler air means a cooler body temperature for when you’re cruising along on the bicycle, and what more do you need than a decent breakfast to keep you going. With this in mind, I would like to share with you my very own helpmychaincameoff breakfast. This is the ultimate fuel for Jemma’s and cyclists alike, it gives you the energy you need for powering those pedals in the early morning fog. So here it is… Nutella Porridge! Everyone knows that oats are packed with carbohydrates and is a perfect source of slow burning energy, plus it really is like central heating for your belly! It is the perfect breakfast for chilly mornings.

I like to make a large bowl of porridge using Ready Brek, because this is the way I have rolled since being a kid. Don’t be shy, make sure to be generous and use no less than one and a half heaped tablespoons of Nutella for the topping. This melts into a chocolate swamp…tasty. And believe me, you don’t want to be messing around with honey or fruits, Nutella is the only way to help you get to work on those cold mornings on the saddle. Remember chocolate equals happiness.

So since making the transition to my winter breakfast, I have found I that I don't need to snack in the mornings even though I have pedalled all those miles! I don't think any breakfast could be any better.....apart from american pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, but who's got time for that in the morning! How do you fuel for your morning bike ride?

On a subnote, I’m going to tell you something breakfast related which you might think is creative and intuitive, or just a little bizarre. Let me explain. Porridge uses a grand amount of milk, which means I am forever going to the shop to buy a couple of pints. Indeed, this is what I did last week on my lunch break when I purchased a two pinter. With my milk in my bag I met my boyfriend on the bike before going to a gig in King’s Cross. Pleased that I had thought ahead and wasn't going to miss out on my morning Nutella Porridge, my partner helpfully reminded me that liquids are not allowed in the venue. So, I came up with the idea to lock my milk to my bike! Observe below.

Before you think I think I am crazy, I would like to let you know that #1 my bike and milk was in a lockable, private bike storage and #2 I implemented the rule that if the milk seal was broken then I would not keep it. Alas, it was in tact and I enjoyed my porridge the next morning! I'd call that creative thinking!


clairemaxwell said...

I am all over Ready Break instead of proper porridge oats. So much tastier.

That bowl looks so good I might even have to bypass my usual bowl of shreddies to try some nutella porridge.

clairemaxwell said...


Jemma said...

Go or it!! It's amazing. Last winter I even ate it for dinner :-)

commutetjohn said...

Ah, good old porridge, can't beat it!

Jeneveve said...

I loved ReadyBrek for years, but finally succumbed to 'proper' porridge because it's cheaper. Damn the economy!

Must admit, though, I have my breakfast *after* my cycle ride. Riding on an empty stomach is worth the extra time in bed!

Anonymous said...

Pure genius! Trying it tomorrow.

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