Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cycle and Sniff - The Good

One of my favourite pleasures of my daily cycle commute is often overlooked and undocumented by others. It is the capacity to pass through so many different scents whilst pedalling around a city. You wouldn’t think that cycling in such an overcrowded, polluted place that you could breathe in pleasant smells, but you can and when you do they are like little nuggets of delight.
So here are some of the smells I enjoy when I'm on my bike-
1.      Scent of flowers – This is the ultimate aroma and I'm lucky that I pass a stretch of road everyday which smells of floral heaven. I haven’t been able to track down the specific plant but this fragrance has been going strong for 3 months now – let’s hope it survives winter!

2.      Laundry – If you ever get to pass a launderette make sure to take in the sumptuous whiff of washing detergent. It’s nice I tell you. Passing a launderette + potholes + rain = replicating being in a washing machine! You can’t beat it. Try passing Eskimo Laundry on Mackenzie Road, N7 for a sniff.

3.      Wood smoke- Ok, so I didn’t expect that living in London there would be the countryside wood smoke smell that I am so fond of but it does and I can’t get enough of it, especially during Autumn.

4.      Dinner – Yes please! There is nothing like cycling through a street when every house in the entire road is cooking what smells like a Michelin star dinner...So it’s probably just Garlic, onions and spices but it’s lovely. Make sure to cruise down Ashley Road, N19 for the best dinner aromas.
Do you have any smells to add to the list?
Don't miss my next post Cycle and Sniff – The Bad. You wouldn’t think I would forget the pongs of cycling in the city did you?..


Jeneveve said...

Oh, I've got one! Coming along the Albert Embankment in the morning there's quite often an *amazing* smell of roasting coffee. I've never been able to figure out where it's coming from...
(lovely blog btw, thank you!)

Iainecg said...

There's a cafe tucked away alongside CS3 - bacon tends to smell good!

Jemma said...

Thanks Jeneveve for your kind comment! I haven't cycled Embankment way, if I ever do I will be sure to keep my nose out of a nice coffee smell!

And Iainecg, I forgot about Bacon, this must be THE BEST SMELL when you're on the road.

slow rpm said...

Seaweed drying in the sun,as I cycle along Beach road does it for me every time!


Jemma said...

I used to live by the sea before I moved to London earlier this year. The cycle path runs alongside the beach for miles and miles and it was always such a lovely relxing bike ride (that is when it wasn't blowing a gale!). I forgot about the salty seaweed smell. I wonder if it smells the same as the seaweed in Melbourne :-)

Chesca Ribo said...

Cycling through Brixton - Atlantic Avenue - each morning. Incredible smells from the market setting up, can't quite work them all out but all so vibrant and exciting - really makes you feel alive...Way better than sitting next to a smelly person on the bus or tube...

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