Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cycle and Sniff - The Bad

Trolly Tracks
It is hard to ignore that for every pleasant smell you encounter when cycling a city (See this post) there is a disgusting pong you have to endure. But hey!  At least it’s better than smelling car aircon or magic tree freshener for your whole journey! .... Or the sweaty person sitting next to you on the bus ....Or the person eating McDonalds on the train (I’ll stop now, as I can go on...).

So here is a list of the worst pongs I encounter on my commute-
  1. Rubbish lorry – Getting stuck behind one of these bad boys is not to be desired, especially first thing in the morning when your breakfast hasn’t quite settled. Watch out for Thursday mornings in Islington, it's their bin day!
  2. Cigarette Smoke – I experienced this the other week. A car passenger hanging a fag out of the window right in my face as I waited for the traffic lights. What a joy it was! Be sure to mind where they flick the cigarette butt!
  3. Car fumes – you didn’t think I would forget this smell did you? No need to explain this.
  4. Sewers – When a nice heat wave overcomes the city, there's nothing like the whiff of warm sewer smell to breeze past you on your bike ride. Try Bunhill row or any road in the square mile on a hot day.
My top tip to overcome these stenches is to breathe through your mouth and not your nose, and don't forget to pedal as fast as you can to overtake the smelly pong. A pleasent smell is always waiting around every corner.

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The Woollen Typist said...

Ooh the rubbish lorry. That has to be the worst smell by far.
When I spot a rubbish lorry in the distance and know I won't be able to take a diversion, as I get closer...I take one big deep breath, pedal fast and hold breath until I'm well and truly clear of the rubbish lorry.

That said...I do admire the rubbish collection people for doing an all important job that I'd never be able to do (in a million years)!

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