Friday, 14 October 2011

The Blackfriars Flashride

It was Wednesday evening, mid-week blues time, the weather was turning grey,  there was a chill in the air and the tiredness of work was setting in......but that didn't stop the masses from attending the Blackfriars flash ride! And if you read my last post, I made sure I was one of them.

If you are not up to speed with what the Blackfriars flash ride was about, then let me explain. It was a protest to show the Mayor of London that the redesign of Blackfriars bridge will not be safe enough for the many cyclists and pedestrians that cross it daily. On top of that, the protest was to highlight that cyclists will no longer be ignored and shunned to the curb. We are a collective voice asking for more provision to make cycling in London and the UK safe and welcoming for everyone. So with my activist hat on (aka cycle helmet), I made my way to the bridge under the grey evening sky to show Boris how it's done.

Making myself heard..

As I was waiting to meet my friend at the foot of the bridge, the crowds around me were growing by the minute. Cyclists from all walks of life were creeping out from their high-vis jackets. There were children, cycle chic scenesters, MAMIL's, suited office workers, cyclist enthusiasts, Boris bikers, pedestrians and many more.

And so the ride began! We cycled at walking pace across the bridge ringing our bells to the back drop of London illuminated with the distant sounds of cars and buses. Now I mentioned in my last post that my ride to work is resembling more and more like a traffic nightclub (not a good thing), well I'm pleased to say that the flash ride was the ultimate CYCLE nightclub (a good thing) made true by the hundreds of flashing red and white bike lights and fluorescent jackets, an amazing feast for the eyes of the cycle-istas out there! I'm pleased to have rocked my new Knog bike lights and shifted a few moves on my 80's Sorento Falcon bicycle or you can call it post- acid house motion machine.

Bike lights and flashing high-vis jackets everywhere!
My bike sign
It was truly wonderful to see so many people come together on two wheels to show their support for the efforts of the LCC and make a stand against atrocious transport planning. We can't be ignored anymore, Wednesday night proved that there are just too many of us!

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