Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Autumn cycle ride around Hampstead Heath

With last weeks crisp, cold weather, I have been thinking hard about my autumn/winter cycling wardrobe trying to take into account style and warmth for my cycle to work. Last week I made the transition from light jacket and no gloves to winter jacket and thick gloves. This ‘look’ didn’t last long because once again our warm autumn sun returned for a brief farewell on Sunday for my cycle ride around Hampstead Heath.
I know, my eyes are closed!
I was planning on putting my winter coat get up on, but sensibly decided to wear a summer T-shirt, corduroy trousers (I know it’s not 1999 but they are coming back I tell you!) and a thrifted duck scarf for a touch of granny chic to complete the look, after all I was going to Hampstead Heath!
I found the cycle route of Hampstead on the London Cyclist Blog. It was a lovely ride on roads full of large houses I wish I owned, village-esque sights and a fair few hills!! The ride takes you around and through the Heath passing one of the bathing ponds where I got to see two brave men taking a dip in the swampy water. The best part of journey was stopping off for a walk around the Hampstead Pergola, along Inverforth Close. It was like a hidden secret garden in Italy rather than London!

I’m not all up to speed with GPS and bike computers so instead I used my TFL cycle map and inked the route in red pen. This worked well, but as you can see from the picture below it turned out that I am not skilled in folding a map in gusty winds.

Red pen to mark out route
Overall, it was a beautiful and relaxing autumn ride which I highly recommend. The London Cyclist e-book has plenty of other rides around London and you can buy it here. It’s going on my Christmas list!
On a final note, I just want to say that autumn is my favourite month to cycle in, but I really do find it hard to dress appropriately, I’m either far too hot under my winter jacket, or far to chilly without. The same goes with my hands -gloves can make them hot and sweaty but without they are throbbing with numbness.
Have you been on any autumn cycle rides and what did you wear? How to you dress for the changeable weather?


The Woollen Typist said...

Solution for schizophrenic weather...have loads of layers at hand. Strip off or pile on as needed.

Maps...good god...I'm very gorilla/stone age. I draw out the main junctions/turns on a piece of scrap paper.

p.s Corduroy IS coming back!

Nick Salt said...

Another solution is to pedal harder if you're cold!

commuterjohn said...

Autumn mornings, they certainly can be chilly but by the afternoon things are a lot warmer, what to wear on the bike? Well, it has to be an extra layer under your normal jacket that can be put in a bag or on the rack for the ride home.

Jeneveve said...

Definitely layers! And things that can be unzipped to let a bit of air in/sleeves than can be pushed up.

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