Sunday, 25 September 2011

RBKC Bikeminded Coffee and Cake Cycling Cruise

I don’t know about you, but I tend to stick to the same areas on the weekend for cycling because once you know a route, it’s easy to do it time and time again. Well this weekend I ventured away from the norm and had a chance to cycle round the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) courtesy of the lovely organisers at RBKC Bikeminded and what a treat it was!

Bikeminded is a three year cycling campaign encouraging residents and workers of Kensington and Chelsea to cycle more. I think that anything to get people out of their monster cars and fancy Porsches is welcome in my book and Bikeminded sure give people a good reason to hop onto the saddle. I was delighted when I received an invitation from Jools (Vélo-City-Girl), and Kathryn and Emma from RBKC Bikeminded to join them and other bloggers on a Coffee and Cake Cruise for the day. An invitation I couldn't refuse!

In celebration of the cake theme, I made sure to scoff some cake for breakfast to give me plenty of peddling energy (ok, I had no milk, cereal, eggs nor bread).  I set off from my flat super early to make sure I had time to get lost on the way, because of course I WILL get lost on the way. I cycled merrily for much of the way and in true Helpmychaincameoff fashion, my chain came off......what did you expect? Chain back on and a trip to Tesco express to buy some babywipes to clean my scruffy oily self up and I was back on the road. NB. Tip: Always carry babywipes on a long bike ride!

I graced the inclines of Hampstead and Primrose Hill and after an hour and half I got to the meeting location on Talbot Road, Notting Hill.
Once everyone had arrived, we set off to go to our first cake location. Cruising along, I met Tilly from Tilly & Coco who has the same super cool bike pannier as me from Bobbin Bicycles, Tilly’s looking suitable better placed on her Pashley than mine on my disco pink Falcon bike machine!
Tilly from Tilly & Coco looking chic with our matching straw pannier
So let the eating commence! We scoffed mini cupcakes from Buttercup in Kensington, award winning Macaroons from Pierre Hermé, Knightsbridge and tasty cake from the artisan bakery Cocomaya. And to fill the last available space in my belly, we finished up the tour having high tea in Chelsea. I know what you are thinking and fear not my friends, these cakes have not made me fat because the cycling in between the cake stops burnt off all the cake calories. Phew!

Tasty Macaroons at Pierre Herme

My olive oil macaroon - if only they made them giant sized

Bike parking for the start and end of our ride

Highlights of the day include:
  • Eating my olive oil macaroon from Pierre Hermé
  • Meeting Jools from Vélo-City-Girl
  • Getting the chance to cycle round lovely areas I didn’t know about
  • Having the support of road safety cyclists who stopped the traffic for us all to cross the roads
  • Getting a free RBKC Bikeminded Tote bag!
All in all, a great day. You can book a place on their website for the next cruise on 8th October. Keep an eye out for their Cycle Ghost Tour taking place on Halloween too!

Thank you to Kathryn, Emma, Jools and the organisers of Bikeminded RBKC. Any chance of coming to the Borough of Islington please?


Iainecg said...

I love cycle chic girls, you always look so good pedalling along, never appearing in too much of a rush. Of course I'm the opposide, a getting on for MAMIL charging around... Love the cakes too! I do a fair amount of baking to keep me fueled up for my mega commute - peoper cakes and flapjacks are better than the various bars from the shops and more satisfying too (well unless you burn them)

Jemma said...

If you love flapjacks then I highly recommend this recipe:

It's the best flapjack recipe I have ever tried, especially if you sneak some Nutella in there as well!

Trademark Solicitor said...

Those macaroons look divine! Glad you had a wonderful time on the cycle ride too, such a great post!

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