Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No Pain, No Gain - The Perils of Cycling when Ill

I did something silly today. I over exerted myself leaping out of my office chair and landed awkwardly on my right ankle, resulting in an unwelcome mild sprain. Ahhhh the perils of being Jemma.
At the end of the day, I hobbled my poor self to my bicycle (whilst thanking the planet that for once it wasn’t raining) and hopped onto my bike.... Or at least hopped is what I wish I could have done. My fresh, new injury has meant that my cycle home tonight was overshadowed by a recurrent shooting pain. Every time I saw a red light I cringed because I knew what was coming. What was coming was the amber light and then green light and we all know what green means.... Yes, I know, it’s such a lovely colour in the eyes of a cyclist/motorist but today it was the colour of torture and anguish because GREEN MEANS GO. And go means pushing all my weight on my aching right ankle to get my wheels in motion. Closing my eyes didn’t help, the shooting pain was like someone was tearing nails through the veins of my leg. On top of that, I always like to whizz away fast at the lights, tricking my fellow cyclists that I might be faster than they think I am (inevitably they always catch me up) and keeping up this appearance was really gruelling. Oh my, now I know how Eddy Merckx aka The Cannibal felt when he was famously was injured in 1969, tough times for us both...!
So now I have a quandary, do I endure this relentless pain and cycle into work tomorrow, just so I can save my pennies and time by not going on the tube? And what really happens if you fall ill at work and have to be sent home? Do you ditch the bike and catch a bus, or just plough on?  For me this is a difficult situation because I don’t trust leaving my bike outside my work overnight as there is a high possibility it won't be there the next day.
Well, after a little thought I am planning on cycling into work tomorrow and I’m going to grin and bear the pain again. I really think that with the cold and flu season on its way, every cyclist commuter needs to have a plan. Have you ever been in this situation? And what is your plan?


Iainecg said...

My bike failed on Friday (snapped the gear cable) which left me using the train for three days... Thanks to the joys of commuters I now have a cold! Thanks to some pikie nicking the wires it took nearly as long by tube and train as by bike! My work is at least a secure site (although no cover for bikes) so if I did leave it there overnight, it'd be there the next day.

Marthaamay O_o said...

Hello Jemma.

It is exactly this quandary that makes me steer towards buying a Brompton bike. (I am struggling with what bike to buy as my first adult bike!) aside from he fact that I really don't have the space for a real size bike in my flat, I think I will really like the flexibility and secureness of taking my bike with me on bus/tube/car what ever the situation.

I would hate for my bike to be a victim of the awful London bike crime we have going on if I had to leave it somewhere. Although I would love a bike like yours. Oh, I'm so torn!

Either way, I will have made my mind up soon, and shall be joining you as a bike lady on the smelly but fun streets of our city. Your blog is a good source of information and inspiriation for me, thank you!

I bid you a peddley day! (Can I say that when I have a bike, to everyone?)

Martha O-O` <bike

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