Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Mayor of London Skyride


AFTER (waterlogged camera makes
for a waterlogged picture)
It’s been 6 days and I can pretty much say that I am no longer a soggy, squelched mess. So who else got wet at the Skyride last Sunday?

But, the rain didn't stop the people from enjoying a traffic free cycle tour of London's most famous landmarks and in my opinion it was a great day.

Feeling like I was in an episode of Quantum leap, I can safely say that the best part of my ride was cycling through the Upper Thames Street tunnel. Ok, it’s just a tunnel but there were NO POTHOLES and the tarmac was as smooth as my own Bisto gravy. If only every road in London had the luxury of being tarmaced more recently than the release of the Amiga 500 computer (remember them?). I even got to see Kelly Brook and Chris Hoy, enough said.

Ah, how I love those grey skies

And what a perfect rainy day for me to try on one of those womens jackets from Water Off a Duck's Back at the Skyride rest area. I have been eyeing up these beauties for months, did I mention that it is my BIRTHDAY tomorrow? 
So what's the score for the days event on Jemma's Cyclometre?

No cars + C-list celebrities + rain + free Gatorade = *** Steady Trevor

All in all, a fun day out. Maybe next time they could close off the whole of zone 1? I like to dream...

The Cyclometre
*Pass me the stabilisers please
** Stuck on a toe path behind pedestrians
*** Steady Trevor
**** Peddle Power!
***** Lance Armstrong


Iainecg said...

Happy Birthday Jemma!

Missed the skyride this year thanks to my bike being in the shop, still, I do a third of the loop on my commute anyway! Hope the weather improves as it's over a week since I last cycled to work! Certainly hope the Tour of Britain weather curse improves - looking forward to seeing the London stage.

Jemma said...

Thanks! I had a great birthday and enjoyed the Autumn sunshine cycling round East London. A week since you cycled to work? You must been keen to get back on the saddle. It's so nice cycling in the Autumn, feels so much fresher than in the summer. Hope your bike is all fixed!

Iainecg said...

It was great being back on the bike - nearly set a new record for the run to work and I wasn't trying (the wind helped a bit!) Fun moment with a fox this morning, nearly hit it and said "that was a bit close Mr Fox" and it stopped and looked at me, probably thinking "you numpty" or something like that! It's lovely riding into London so early (got to work at 6 today!)it's amazing how quiet the roads are.

The bike is amazing, spent a good few miles convincing myself that the shop had changed the size of the gears, it's running so smoothly and accelerating so well, but it seems to be the same as it was in ters of speed so it just shows that taking your bike to a proper bike shop does it some good! (indeed they cant believe the miles I do!)

Jemma said...

I've cycled at dawn a few times before and it's most certainly the best time of the day. No need for bike lights (at least not in the winter) and pretty much no traffic.

Glad your bike seems much smoother and quicker. Mine is feeling more rickety by the day, not sure it's cut out for me. I am quite tough with it and try to ride it to it's maximum when really I think it's designed for cruising. We'll see what happens...

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