Friday, 5 August 2011

Help my Helmet Hair!

So as you know, it's been like a sauna these past few days. 'Wooo' I hear everyone cry, 'our few days of british summer has arrived'. But this time around, I'm not the one doing the cheering. This is because I am dealing with a further style crisis as a result of cycling.

At first I felt joy about cycling in the warm sunshine, no breeze to fight against, no rain to make me feel sad. Indeed it seems that everyone is happier and travels better when the sun is out and that was just my experience....

Until  I arrived at work that is. As usual I removed my helmet, but this time I revealed a sweaty mass of hair in the shape of the exact imprint of my helmet. To my horror, I had to dash to the womens toilets to rescue my dishevelled damp locks. Tilting my sweaty fringe into the Dyson dryer is not what I was planning to do on Monday morning.

So this leaves me the question, how can you get rid of helmet hair? Google tells me that there are two options:

1. Not wear a helmet
2. Shave your hair off

I think you can agree that both of these options are just not suitable for me. So what I am going to do???

To show you what I mean, I thought you would like to see a before and after shot of my helmet hair crisis. Please see below:

Look how happy I look with my pre-helmet hair and my pose.
Even Bob Dylan in the background likes it.

Hmmmm...this looks like a police mugshot. Great.

Ok, so I have plumped my hair up a bit in the aftershot to make myself look less like a slug, but you get the gist, there is SWEAT on that hair.

I hate to say it, but bring on Autumn!


Lady VĂ©lo said...

I know it's not the point of your post, but I have to say - cute photos! The helmet-hair thing is a bit different for me, because of the type of hair that I have... sometimes it's too big to get it all in a helmet when I wear one!

Jemma said...

Thanks! I'm not usually inclined to show my sweaty hair on the internet!
Big hair is cool :-)

Matthew said...

Personally I agree - seems to me that you looked cute before the helmet on and just slightly quirkier with helmet hair! Epic win for you Id say!

Now with me for example it flattens my hair in the middle and makes it spiky on the outside - but as a guy this bothers me less..right?

Sara said...

What kind of speeds are you doing? Do you really NEED a helmet.

I've stopped wearing one after looking into research on the benefits (much exagerated) verses the disadvantages. As a result I'm cooler, don't get sweaty hair and I can hear better when cycling (no wind wooshing under the helmet next to your ears).

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