Sunday, 21 August 2011

Cycling has never been sexier

The Joy of Cycling
I have been seduced by this poster, the Joy of Cycling, designed by Jamie Wieck for a pitch to TFL.

And what a shame TFL didn't take it on! It would have been the cycling equivalent of the wonderbra ad in the nineties.  It certainly would have entertained the bored tube passengers on the way to their mundane jobs. I also think that it would have been successful in getting more people to ride their bikes, afterall, why not jump on a bike with the promise of joy and pleasure?...especially if you are a bearded, lumberjack style man......Who wouldn't?

I certainly would.

Cycling has never been sexier.

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Lady Vélo said...

I love this poster so much! I want one for my bedroom... :)

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