Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cycle the 70's way

I have been cycling the roads of London daily for two months now and I'm starting to worry that my cycle style is being well and truly run over by Mr. PRACTICALITY. I found myself wishing that instead of wearing the short denim shorts on my bike today, which were feeling hot, heavy and were chafing my pale legs (sorry you have to know that), that instead I was wearing something smooth, something which absorbs sweat and something which doesn't chaf....and that's when the thought popped into my head...

...perhaps Lycra shorts?! 

I nearly crashed.

I want women to know that they can cycle in style and not give into the forces of ugly cycle gear which smothers the skin to show every roll of fat you have to offer. So to shun these intrusive thoughts away, I decided to rage a war.  Every pedal I'm going to take from now on I'm going to cling onto my shallow ideals and not be governed by the need to feel comfortable, be dry, and to not be windswept and cool when cycling. No, I'm going to put fashion and style first because that's where it belongs!

To soothe my style meltdown, a fashion internet 'window' shop was in order. So, I present you with my 70's inspired cycling summer wishlist.

By the way, it's my birthday next month, anyone fancy buying me the Burberry rain poncho, only £935? 

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Lady Vélo said...

That's a fabulous outfit you have put together there... I hope that you get it and do it! Cycling and Style = it works ;)

Lady Vélo x

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