Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Tale of Two Boris Bikers

Since moving to London I have been enthralled with the novelty of the cycle hire scheme.  And recently I have found out that that these Barclays Beauties offer more than a cheap, quick way to nip across the city. Let me tell you a tale about two Boris bikers.

My friend commutes everyday on a Boris Bike (yes, she lives in zone 1 and works in zone 1, it’s alright for some!). On one average, grey morning she found herself unintentionally racing against another fellow Boris Biker, whom like her had cunningly eyed up the last available space in the docking station.


Just as she was revelling in her speedy efforts of winning the race, out of nowhere another person snuck in and stole the last space. This left my dear friend and new racing acquaintance out of breath and dismayed. But all was not lost, the new challenge of scouting another docking station with spaces nearby provided the perfect opportunity for an early morning flirt and a swap of phone numbers. I don’t see this happening between the windows of a Ford Mondeo and Renault Cleo for the last parking space in Tesco.
So Boris, I salute you for giving more than pay as you go cycling.....Maybe I should start a Boris Bike dating service? Watch out folks....

By the way, she went on one date and it didn’t work out....better luck next time.


South said...

Picture shows the mayor demonstrating an alternative docking station for BorisBikes?

Jemma said...

Haha! Hadn't noticed that but indeed he does!

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