Wednesday, 6 July 2011

North London and Beyond

Now time to give you some context to my cycling commute.
My journey takes me through the leafy back roads of north London (sounds nice doesn’t it?) to the crowded streets of the City - Crouch Hill to Moorgate.
I liken my bike ride to an arcade game. There are key hazards to be aware of if you want to reach the end alive.
Number 1 Hazard
The classic Hornsey Road White Van Man. Takes no prisoners and flocks in the dozens. Something about this road attracts these vans and it’s certainly not my legs. Although, always important to note if wearing a skirt, ensure it is appropriately hitched down when passing this white nemesis.

Number 2 Hazard
Having a boyfriend being a major Arsenal fan, I expected he would salute the stadium every time we cycled passed (I know, absurd behaviour, but this is some of the levels football leads people too). Nevertheless, as part of my football education it turns out that the salute depends on if they are doing well......No salutes today then.
Number 3 Hazard
I give you the newly named ‘Brompton Black spot' or Barnsbury road. Right through the backstreets of Angel, these bad boy bikes (ehm) are in their element. There’s nothing like having one over take you with a smug look in toe. Sorry Mr. Brompton, the idea is good but the look just ain’t chic.... I love you really Brompton, you're just too pricey for my modest pay pack! Anyway, beware of getting tangled and overtaken by these mini wheeled divas.

Number 4 Hazard
ZONE 1. Main aim is to STAY ALIVE. Hazards include everything you can possibly see which is moving, that includes City boys in suits. Necessary skills include staying alive and staying alive.
Number 5 Hazard
Realisation that I have made it to WORK. Oh my.

Game over. 10 miles a day, 640 calories lighter and 10 times sweatier!


youngdonkey said...

i must confess I am one of those in hazard number 3...

Jemma said...

Ah you are one of them!! Those bikes can go so fast! Would love to try one some day.

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