Friday, 29 July 2011

Mr Big Bike Thief Busted

I hope you like my News of the World inspired headline. This post is all about celebrating catching a bike thief. Yes, I take my hat off to the clever police people who make up the Cycle Task Force of London. You might have seen them cruising the cycle lanes of the capital during the past year, but I’ll tell you, they have been doing more than just cruising....! These cycle officers have been working on reducing organised bike crime in London which involves working alongside online sites such as Gumtree and ebay where many bikes are often resold on. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the other day that 22,536 bikes were stolen in London between June 2010 and May 2011, and these are just the reported thefts! W.O.W.Z.E.R.S.

Safety Advice
Look how cool they are...       Ref:

So it looks like the Cycle Task Force have got more than their hands full. Well folks, I was pleased to read that they have made a break through! They have managed to catch a prolific bike thief by the name of Tariq Hasi aka Mr BIG (what’s that name about??). Mr BIG lives in Hammersmith and was sentenced the other day for 14 months on account of money laundering and fraud including the selling of stolen bikes online. Here he is in my mock jail picture, nice..

Tariq Hasi aka Mr. Big

It’s a happy ending all round because Mr Big won’t be terrorising the cycle community for another 14 months and on top of that the Cycle Task Force recovered 10 stolen bikes from his property which have subsequently been reunited with their rightful owners. There is hope after all. This sends a message out to all those other bike thieving no-gooders!

Well done, I pat the backs of the Cycle Task Force. So kids, remember to LOCK UP YOUR BIKES!
....Actually, unfortunately that isn’t enough to keep your bike out of the wrong hands! Make sure you also do the following:
  • Buy a decent lock (preferably two!)
  • Security mark it (the cycle task force do this for free)
  • Register your bike online
  • Get insurance
  • Store your bike somewhere inside if you can
  • Don’t spend a lot of money on your bike
Believe me, if you don’t enforce these measures than its only a matter of time before your bike is pinched and the clock is ticking. In fact, I need to take some of my own advice!


Malcolm ca said...

This is the same guy who stole my bike, he is currently on bail for the theft of three expensive bikes, mine being one of them, he is currently on bail till his next court case on the 14th april. his current address is 10 Cambridge grove, W6 0LE, i'am doing the same dedicating a website to him which I will activate after his court hearing.

Anonymous said...

Eddie H says 'Great to see that Tariq Hasi behind your bars! I would think he has already had a good career as a thief and will probably continue to enhance his career.Let us hope that one day he will meet some good opposition! He seems to be a guy who could upset quite a few people. Hats off to the police patrol in the city. '

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