Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Future is cardboard...

When a friend sent me this link the other day, I was really excited. It’s a helmet made from cardboard! I never thought that putting a box on my head would be so protective, but here it is, the ‘Kranium Helmet’.

Picture reference: dvice.com

Apparently cardboard has overtaken polystyrene in the race to protect our heads when cycling. It boasts to 'absorbing 4 times the amount of energy’ of regular helmets.

This will long solve the ongoing argument I have with a friend about the safety of cyclists on Boris Bikes without helmets. She thinks helmets should be compulsory and accessible to all bike renters, I don’t (I’m a rebel). But if there was a vending machine with these folded up wonders neighbouring a docking station, then it would mean everyone has the opportunity to cycle safely at the spur of the minute. Although what happens when it rains...?

Check out the article here.

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