Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fashion Fatality

I have to say, it’s tough being stylish when on the road. I have encountered my first ever cycling fashion fatality. Let me give you some background. Shoe problems are the undercurrent of my life, just as I get settled with a pair and they fit like a glove, they then fall apart on me. And once again this is what has happened. This time they weren’t a victim of my heavy, clumsy stomp, but rather one of cycling. Please see pictures below for evidence:

Specimen A

Specimen B

Note that in specimen B, the right shoe is split in half. This is the foot I lean on when stopping at the pesky traffic lights on my bike. Maybe I should lower my saddle?? Or maybe I should sue the council for making me stop at the lights?...mmmm.  Suggestions welcome please.

Anyhow, now that I have succumbed to yet another shoe misfortune, this has led me down the road of having a summer shoe crisis. I know what you're thinking, it's tough being Jemma. Maybe I’m just finicky but a 50’s style; flat peep-toe shoe ensemble is just not out there. Perhaps I should invest in a pair of these instead?.....


....or maybe not. The shoe hardship continues.....


clairemaxwell said...

I'm sad for your shoes, they look like they were once very cute :-(

I'm pleased someone stylish is talking about exercise. The attire one wears when exercising is a big part of what puts me off. (That and the actual act of exercise).

Anyway! Love the blog Jemma. X

Simone said...

I tend to cycle in a small high heal or my clogs, they are still easy to pedal in (and your foot cant slip like in a ballet flat).
As the shoe is already curved they tend to wear out less!
Although note they so get some marks on the inside of the heal!

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