Monday, 25 July 2011

The Bicycle Library

London has many quirks to its name – Boris Johnson, oh so courteous taxi drivers and of course lets not forget the gilded statue of Dodi Fayed and Diana in Harrods (!!). So fancy my surprise when I stumbled across this bus yesterday right next to London Fields-
This isn't the Venga bus, but a mobile bicycle library!

If you think libraries are boring then you haven’t paid a visit to this bus. It exudes European urban, charm and looks like something out of the film MicMacs. It’s not just all about books either, but has an array of bicycle accessories to buy, many of which are cleverly recycled from rubber tyres. It also offers the service of ‘checking out’ bikes to rent. There is even a friendly librarian to hand if you need any help and advice.

My favourite part of the bus is the top deck which offers bicycle literature you can peruse whilst sitting next to one of these chaps.

Only cool kids sit on the top deck
So if you are ever in the area, make sure to visit this bus stop and get yourself a bicycle library card just like these two did.


Loving the Bike said...

This is very cool...thanks for highlighting it in your post. I hope to see more of these around the world.


Jemma said...

Thanks darryl! It's such a cool idea and i think it's a great way of bringing the cycling community together. Some people have such good ideas!

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clairemaxwell said...

this looks very very cool. might be needing a visit...


Elegant_Androgyne said...

Awesome indeed! Who noticed the Bullitt?

Farklin Jhon said...

Great post

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